7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site Today


There is a solid defining line between reinventing the wheel and absorbing new information and implementing it. When in doubt, the pre-built wheel is a good starting point. Your site traffic should always be a base touch point between your visitor and your potential customer. The metrics involved in your site traffic and conversion % ratio will always be a part, if not all one solid goal. If you choose to generate revenue off of your site at one time or another you will push your site traffic to your shopping cart on your site.

But don’t take our word for it. Let us point out the following blog post/interview from a group called GreyLock Partners. They fund many large companies and the small ones such as Linkedin, you might have heard of it.

The questions at hand is simple. “What online efforts and strategy can you implement to grow your website traffic?” From their on going series with Adam Nash, EIR and former VP Product at LinkedIn, they hit on (8) major topics. Below, we will highlight (7) we feel are relevant plus one.


1) Organic

Advantages: It’s like crack. Once you have organic traffic, you always want more. Users come come in and do more when they arrive, because “arrived on purpose” signals intent, and that makes a difference on whether they’ll engage.

Disadvantages: We don’t know how to get it. You can’t take a smart PM and have them grow organic traffic. They don’t know how. Is PR / Don Draper the best we can come up with?

2) Email

Advantages: The good news (and bad news for our inboxes) is that it scales. Here we mean mostly product integrated emails, like eBay’s outbid notice, not marketing emails. As it scales, it often converts back to sites through links. It can be personalized, optimized, etc.

Disadvantages: It’s very transactional, and often hard to turn it into something more.

3) Search

Advantages: People have realized that it’s important to make an effort to get this legitimate source of traffic. And it does scale.

Disadvantages: It’s now an arms race – you need to have millions of pages of content to play the game. Then the question is whether you’re really doing the right thing for that user, or just getting them to your site. Finally, it’s never perfect, never done.

4) Advertising/SEM

Advantages: BD people have found a lot of ways to buy traffic, so there are options – clever ways to find the audience you want, and convert them for a fee. You can also target and optimize. A valid example is paying to gain a critical mass at a certain time, like Zynga has done, to get the viral/social crank turning through other channels.

Disadvantages: It’s cash up front, for an uncertain future value. Also, you can get stuck in a total user value equation, which may be risky. One of the dangers of buying traffic is not realizing that the new users, acquired through those channels, have fundamentally different economics, not based on the original model.

5) Social Feeds

Advantages: If you do it right, you can reach a huge amount of people in a short time. It can  be personalizable. This is the primary viral channel for Instagram, for example.

Disadvantages: It requires the right type of content. “If your users have content that is legitimately interesting to people they know, then they’ll push it out.” And it takes iterations to get it right.

Let’s break this down simply: in order to drive self-distribution / viral user acquisition, you have to have features that let users talk to non-users. There are hundreds of features on LinkedIn, but in 2008, we realized that there were only three that ever led to non-users reaching the site, at scale. And those three feature were where new users came from: organic flows, published public profiles, and invitations through email.

6) Mobile (we are making it number 6)

Advantages: Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a phone? You need minimal information on a mobile site if you are just getting started. You can place simple Adsense on your mobile sites and gain revenue. Costs can be low to start and $35K plus for a complex mobile application and developer.

Disadvantage: Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a phone? If you want a truly dynamic app with flexibility you need a developer team at least.


(BBM is adding this one in as it was not mentioned and it is crucial)

7) Customer Design Experience

This topic should mentioned. World Of Mouth and referrals add to driving traffic to your site and they are the best type of the lead. The lead comes to you wanting your service and it is up to you make them feel all warm and fuzzy.


Site traffic is relevant to sales from any angle. The Penguin and Panda 3.5 updates should be identified and put in consideration along with your Content Curation. Search Traffic is no long really SEO, it is an integrated marketing plan. It’s time to  adapt all your online efforts.



  • Have you been hit by the Google updates?
  • Have you reviewed and updated your Search strategy with your consultant or agency?


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