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 At BBM we are a creative collaborative group of digital professionals and technologists that do one thing – help you take your business to the next level of success. Your brand is not a tangible item but the story surrounding your brand is memorable. Your story evokes a feeling from everyone you connect with. The Agency Services Digital Media Menu below makes up many of the elements of a successful online business. How can we help you?

Our team believes that a collective intelligence adds a creative pulse to our products. This enhances the services and packaged solutions we offer to our clients.

Simply, we use digital media to bring your brand to life with your bottom-line in mind. Our technology-driven approach to consumer engagement is a really unmatched and pliable.

Siloed solutions and departments that don’t communicate miss the point and cost you money in a short amount of time.

What is like working with Blue Blazing Media?

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Agency Services Digital Media Menu

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[learn_more caption=”Consulting Solutions”]

BBM SVP Consulting Services, Agency Services - Digital Media Services Menu

Enterprise Solutions in Mind? Have an idea in mind where you want to grow too? Trying to pull all your creative ideas into a strategic business plan? There are so many options out there when you are considering a solid strategic plan to grow your company or personal brand. We help you get from point B with point C in mind.

Our Consulting Services are like hiring your own Senior Vice President of Marketing.  Whether it is launching a creative campaign or company wide update our solutions are customized. We embed with your company and based on date, current, trends, technology, education, innovation and a decade of  digital experience.


Training & Educational Development

Building your business on a strong foundation is a must in this fast-moving online environment  Our extensive developing business experience has given us a unique insight into the key elements required to deliver performance you can build on for years to come. That translates into fewer headaches, more education, guided thought processes and a much stronger return on your investment.

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[learn_more caption=”Social Media”]

Social Media Blue-Print Strategy Agency Services - Digital Media Services Menu

Social Media Blue-Print Strategy

BBM can roll-out a coordinated effort that streamline your social media, integrates  and compliments your website and email campaigns. Content marketing, Facebook apps, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, YouTube, Blogs, Discussion Forums, Membership-based Communities and RSS feeds are a few of the tools we use to expand awareness for your brand.

Need someone to just “step-in” and run all your social media? Why hire one individual when you can have a complete team ghosting as you continuously? We have the diversified solutions!


Compliance  & Reputation Monitoring

A great social media strategy comes at the price of time. Similar to getting a new puppy you will enjoy the rewards of long-term dog ownership but for now, you are watching it like a hawk so it doesn’t eat your couch. A tremendous amount of time is required to monitor and engage all these new conversations on social media.  On your behalf representing the client’s best interests we monitor and supply educated responses, suggestions and finally reports to you. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Website Design”]

Website Design

At BBM, we develop highly functional websites designed to achieve the unique goals of each individual client. Whether your organization is interested in generating sales, maintaining a consistent brand image or communicating and informing a target audience, BBM can help you meet these goals through our precise work-flow process, project management and years of experience.


[learn_more caption=”Web & Blog & Mobile App Development”]


Visual makes a lasting first impression every time. How many times do you have a chance to make an enticing first impression?  Your brand’s visual element is an extension of all your identity and messaging. What is the story you need to share ? Your visuals should amplify your story


Mobile and Tablet Development, Application Creation

Lots of our clients don’t understand that the majority of consumers are viewing your site on mobile optimized sites, downloadable apps or reviewing referrals through social media. There are diversified solutions out there that migrate your current web presence onto other platforms.

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[learn_more caption=”Business Development Strategies “]

Community and Site Management Solutions

Take control of your website and effectively communicate with your audience. Blue Blazing Media integrates a community platform that works with you to create content that compliments your brand’s needs. Whether it is a long-term or a brief campaign we have digital mediums and technology to help you gather leads long-term.


Blogger Outreach Campaigns

Whether you are launching a book, new product, link building or just researching the current trends in your industry there are bloggers out there that can impact your audience.  Some even meet the attributes of your buyer personas. We connect you with relevant bloggers and manage the in relationship that develops between the brand and the expert blogger pertaining to your particular industry.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Search Engine Marketing “]

Online Marketing,  SEO and Inbound Linking Strategies

Blue Blazing Media develops highly functional sites with strong call-to-action features that drive visitors to complete targeted actions. We build a variety of data collection points for tracking visitor activity and encouraging interaction. This interaction includes subscribing to newsletters, updates and promotional offers, lead generation as well as inbound link building. We help bring qualified site traffic to your site. We also provide proven online marketing techniques to drive qualified traffic to your site and improve conversion rates by placing the right message in front of the right customer.

Local Search

It is a necessity for local businesses to be locally accessible to all mobile and tablets. Thanks to all location-based apps getting your brand in front of social media users just became a little more complicated. We put your brand in front of the users looking for the products and services you sell.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Content Strategies”]

 Captivating Content

Content Creators need a “Pulse” to attract optimal search results, links and gain credit in your industry. If your are not posting smart, enticing and often you are behind the curve already.


Content  Management

Has your Blog run dry for ideas and content? Hire us to provide meaningful, insightful content that educates and excites your websites’ and social media visitors. We will define a content strategy and complement it with a social media promotion and community management.


Mobile  and Tablet Content

Mobile technologies allow you to engage and interact with clients anytime, anywhere and through their preferred medium. If you are not adding mobile to your marketing mix, you risk losing an ever-increasing audience as users move towards accessing the Internet, social networks and other communication mediums via smart phones and mobile devices. Organizations that take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior now, as it is emerging, stand to benefit the most.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Ecommerce and Affiliate Marketing “]

Setup Shop

BBM specializes in aligning secure e-commerce systems for retail sales, monthly subscription services, and more. We provide the most ideal technology elements and align all the components necessary to transact business online, real-time processing of credit cards and checking account withdrawals, shopping cart systems, enrollment systems and integration through your merchant account.

Partnerships and Affiliates

The majority of online businesses need a network in which to sell their products.  Partnerships at different levels and affiliates spread your retail possibilities. Fulfillment and distribution services save you time so you can sell more within that same time frame. Let’s ups redefine your retail plan to accommodate new technologies.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Pay Per Click and Paid Ad Placement “]

Google Adwords, Bing Placement and Re-Targeting

Nothing gets your company in front of the right people and beyond as well as an ad targeted campaign. Through Ad Targeting and Re-Targeting best practices it is possible to sell to your favored users across different platforms including mobile, tablets and the web. We a Google Endorsed “Engage” Agency.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Creative Campaigns “]

Need to promote a new product or build awareness? We bring you the round-table think tank, the  collective intelligence of our team and advisers to create campaigns that rally your audience. Lets look at all options available and implement to meet your needs. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Identity & Branding”]


Start-up Business and/or Naming

We develop your “Name” -> Brand -> Communication Messaging -> Logo – > Public Relations. Through working one on one we counsel through the start-up steps and  compose your marketing plan. You may present this to investors.


Product Launch, Book Launch

We guide you from Your Idea – Development -> Product -> Branding -> Marketing/PR -> Marketplace.


Story Development

What is the story behind your brand? Your story is what makes you memorable, engages and evokes a feeling from your consumer. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”User Experience “]

All of your actions and interactions online form an impression between the your potential client and your brand. In an age of transparency it is pertinent that your entire company culture down lead to sale is a pleasant frictionless process.

We work with you, embed with your company, observe your best practices, research and determine the next steps. We identify what can be done now to change your process and what will be in your 3-5 year plan.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Public Relations and Publicity “]

Communications and awareness are key to launching into a new business. Enjoy the opportunities a little exposure can bring. It takes a tribe to publicize a brand and relationships to gain media coverage. We customize public relations campaigns for personal and corporate brands, events, charities and campaigns through our vast network of contacts. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”Maintenance “] 

Whether you’re a celebrity or a corporation getting stuck in the thick of it on a daily basis takes away from productivity and your own growth.

Let us manage it for you. It’s simple! 

You receive monthly reports and set hours and if something goes really nuts we will let you know immediately. You can step in when you have time to play with it without being your full-time job! Don’t you already have a full-time job?


[learn_more caption=”Examiner Products”]bbm examiner icon search

Need a starting point? Examiner Products reveal an aerial snap shot of everything around your brand. It is an outside-in point of view. What your communication department communicates to the world is not always perceived in the same manner.

[learn_more caption=”Popular Packages”]bbm popular marketing package

The following are completed packages that are commonly accessed by our clients.

  • Digital Strategy Package
  • Get Found NOW! – Reach your Audience! Local search engine marketing & social media.
  • Intensive Search-To-Sales Lead Package – Translate those site visitors into actionable items as they are on your site. Gain lead contact details and email your sales department in real time.
  • Research Package – Need research data before that meeting? Brand infringement? Researching for a new company name? If its online we will find it.[/learn_more]




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