Your “SVP of Marketing”

We embed with your company, examine your best-practices, research data, user’s experience, technology trends and advise you to exceed your desired goals.  By embedding with your company and keeping an objective point of view we create a custom plan to help you reach your goals. With the correct optimal resources and tools aligned, your goals can be more easily obtained. 

Consulting Blue Blazing Media

We want you to do what you do best! Deliver outstanding service and share your products with clients.

A sample of Consulting Services, Solutions and Technologies we use to support you:

  •  Laser in on your ideal client – the most crucial yet overlooked step in setting up your marketing
  •  Survey your clients to find out what they want to know before and after purchase. Be a solution before the sale
  •  Develop your message, so it resonates with your ideal client across several verticals
  •  Audit current community and complimentary strategies to achieve optimal growth for your business
  •  Recommend the best places (online or offline) to deliver your message so your ideal clients hear it through traditional or social marketing mediums
  •  Create a road map. Define your 12-month marketing plan, with benchmarks for ROI. This means investing your advertising and online dollars very strategically, only in channels where your ideal client hangs out.
  •  Develop your content strategy now, not later
  •  Audit your website for SEO, so you are taking advantage of the biggest free sources organic results– Google, Bing other search engines
  •  Manage any necessary updates to your website – with your team or mine (We have aligned with top copywriters, graphic designers, branding experts, and custom web developers)
  •  Update your website copy, suggest new content that will position your website for SEO success
  •  Fully manage your pay-per-click campaigns (if applicable), ensuring you are using Google AdWords, and affiliate content in the most effective way
  •  Facilitate your product launches, so you are filling your programs, selling your products, and setting yourself up for leveraged and passive income
  •  Share our networks and resources – this is my favorite part of what I do! I love connecting people and have yet to run into a question from a client that my network doesn’t have a solution for.
  •  Recommend strategic partners for your joint ventures

In short, you are fully supported when it comes to all things digital and innovation marketing.



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A  Different Approach – Key Elements

BBM believes a functional business ecosystem is important to achieve long term goals and growth. If you can identify where you are at currently it is easy build your business.   At your disposal we incorporate additional online elements and technologies to achieve the best results.

Strategy Solutions

  • Enterprise Solutions

We work with large organizations to drive a social and nurturing experience business strategy from the inside out. Integrating social tools and traditional marketing fundamental concepts into the DNA core of your company.

  • Define a Roadmap

That’s right! We define a road-map! How to get from that state of “lost” to objective quantifiable attainable goals.  That’s the sound path to measurable brand value, long-term sales growth, and customer loyalty we built with you.

  • Going Home

Just because there is new technology out there daily doesn’t mean traditional marketing will not work. It just means all traditional concepts need to be adapted and improved for this new generation of communication. Our toolbox should adapt to what we have to build and maintain not the opposite.

  • User Experience

It is what defines your product or service. Negativity can be contagious if you are ill-equipped to deal with it. User experience is an infectious process that all your efforts should be geared towards protecting and promoting your client. Positive and easy for your user/client is the only path. Removing all friction from the process is key.

  •  Compliance and Policy

Enabling your employees and brand ambassadors requires a level of trust.  Keeping with your company’s messaging and give guidance is equally as important. We aid in creating internal policies that fit your vision and ensure a universal compliance.

  • Brain Trust – Think Tank

Just need a couple round-table discussions to clear the air and define a new strategy? We would be happy to participate and add insight and educate in the process.

  • Learn From US

We offer online and On-Site Training customized to your companies needs.

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