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Our readers may indulge in Blue Blazing Beat or Get Off The Beaten Path.


1> The Blue Blazing Beat is a publication that cover all of our free guides, downloads and checklists relation to our national consulting agency. All fun content on the site is distributed through the Blue Blazing Media. It’s everything digital, trends including events and all integrated marketing and business concepts. Data and User Experience is at our core and so we highlight trends as well. That said it is a great way to connect but all industry related!

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2>Get Off The Beaten Path is a newsletter that focuses at more in depth and higher level newsletter assembled by our Chief Digital Strategist and veteran in the online marketing industry. It has a more intimate connection with its readers and such Elizabeth devotes special attention to those readers.

Get Off The Beaten Path supplies more thought provoking concepts, highlight others that are changing the industry and building solid online and offline businesses. In general, she covers topics not all industry related but a way about how to simplified your day and keep sane in a time of social media.

Frequency: a couple times a month.

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(Disclaimer: in both publications there is a high chance of affiliate links.  

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