Brand Examiner Package

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You spend large budget dollars on corporate communications to present to your potential customer demographic.

With all your communication efforts and budgets you spend to aid in the perception your brand it can feel defeating when something goes awry. We try hard to create and emotional response. Ever wonder with all the online digital tools and communication platforms out there what your target demographic actually experiences and perceives?

Many of our clients start with our Brand Examiner Package as it represents an aerial view of your brand across several digital platforms.

Perception is an Unquantifiable Concept

What your communications team presents to your potential customer or website visitor is not always the message that is received.

Feeling the Message

Ever wonder what your potential consumer experiences from the information and communication tools you use to put data out there?

The difference in experience and brand representation will amaze you!

You need to know where you stand before you can build for the future. See what information your customer see’s from the outside in. There is always a different customer-centric experience that expected.

A Starting Point

From this new insightful information you can determine how you can improve. If you don’t have a clear and present image of where you are your next steps could be detrimental instead of beneficial.

You Receive:

  • A personalized report details how your visitor sees and experiences your brand online. Data insights are collected from around the web both from your site, social, blogger traffic, links, Public Relations and SEO/PPC. Solid information and call-to-action items you can share with your team.
  • This report includes SEO, Social Media, blogger traffic, links, Public Relations and an overview of what your audience and potential clientele find when they search for you online. We gather sentiment related you your brand.
  • We research two of your top two competitors online.
  • A scheduled 30 minute phone call with one of our digital strategists to discuss next steps and answer all your questions. You will receive the recorded transcript of such phone conference.
  • Don’t you ever wonder what to do with all that data? We suggest actionable items for the next 6 months and a brief strategy to present to your team. Common industry concepts how to adapt your current web strategy to meet your goals and needs.


Timeline: 21 Days


Fees: $1,199.99


 Next Steps:

  1. Questions? Click here and ask away. Just please reference which Package that you are interested in.
  2. Click the Add To Shopping Cart above. Depending on the package you will be asked for a full payment or a deposit.
    (Upon submitting payment you will receive a follow-up email requesting specific information gathering form about your brand. Please complete this in-depth informational questionnaire and submit it promptly. You will be contacted within two business day)
  3. Complete the Examiner Informational Gathering Questionnaire Form.



We’ve gotcha covered!


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