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Creative Content can rake in killer traffic and attention is curtails your business’s typical buyer persona. Let Blue Blazing Media identify your typical consumer or consumers and create content that relates often. Specialized content created often and distributed across the correct medium for your consumer creates quite a buzz.

A Starting Point

Content is an interesting tangible meaty section of your marketing plan. At all times the content you create and share with your audience should educate and enlighten your audience. Your content should make it easy for visitors on your site or on social media to see you as an authority in your particular industry.

Proper content placement and simulating a “Pulse” by creating content often is key to success. Blue Blazing media offers complete solutions.

You Receive:

  • From a customer-centric point of view we develop content that fits the needs of your site visitors for you.
  • We work with you and identify the who buys your product and where they are online. Defining the best “Buyer Persona” that actually is your consumer is the first step in build a content strategy and aligning your new content production to an editorial calendar.
  • We discuss with you the best content for your industry. With approval we product the written content for your blog.
  • We promote fresh and new content on your top social channels for you.

Additional Options – Video Sales Demo

  • Video is one of the most important  types of content from an “User Experience” as well as benefiting your Search Marketing efforts. The benefits are tremendous on many levels of awareness and hold high rates of success.
  • Many of our clients choose to add on a Blue Blazing Media Video Package. Learn More…


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