Get Found NOW! Reach your Audience!

It is time to combine your efforts for maximum exposure with advertising and search marketing.


Don’t get screwed by simplified ad solution companies. If you can’t clearly see how it benefits your company within the first report one then move one.

Ask your ad solution provider “If “X” click throughs = what percentage of new business for your company“. Determine your conversion point and percentage. If you are blowing your budget, and not converting leads to sales it is time to consider an Examiner Product to determine where the problem is.


Do You Need To…?

  • Get Found on Major Search Engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, AOL
  • Large Creative Displays on associated sites
  • Limit exposure to your targeted clients not a wide net of every
  • Google Adwords
  • Ad-Re-targeting
  • Google Local Exposure
  • Clear Reporting and Analytics and an in-house Account Executive to explain it!


We highly suggest this site traffic enhancement process when any of the following conditions apply.

  • Your own site is optimized for your customized conversion process.
  • You have a creative campaign to promote.
  • You have a solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process in place.

How Does This Benefit You?

Increased search traffic. Increased  visitors equal increased leads and conversions. If no one finds your website you just have a really nice billboard.

Site Targeting: Post your specific graphic ads on the main sites of your choosing. We develop your graphics and place them on relevant sites. They appear online plus are mobile optimized for smart phones and tablets.


Advertising Re-Marketing: The finest conversions from lead to sale come from referrals. Through this specific type of referrals we place your graphic banner in front of the same visitor to your site on multiple sites.


Google Local: Google has updated and enforced their search algorithm at least four times since late 2012. It is clear those that place nice with Google and are optimized for Google are favored.

Learn more about being completely Google Optimized; Analytics to Conversions.
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