What is your recipe for online success?

Our team is specifically designed to be dynamic and intuitive. We offer digital solutions cultivated and created by a community of experts that practice what they preach.

The online digital industry has many new visitors to the market. We have hand-picked Blue Blazing Media’s board of advisors from a seasoned and actively practicing group of individuals. They offer a wealth of knowledge and shed insight into upcoming technologies and best practices.  


We are a community rich with a certain type of company culture!

We travel to the latest conferences! Studying new technology and playing in “BETA” is second nature. Our clients receive online business strategy based upon key technologies and community knowledge to ensure we are keeping our clients ahead of their competition. Our team is passionate and data reporting hungry! 

Pass on the fluff! We are the “non-agency” agency.

We follow a strong relationship based social business model. This encompasses an Outside-IN approach to “experience marketing”. We consult and implement based on goals and data and not on ego. 

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Our Rockin Team


  • Specializing in Consulting Services for User Experience Design, Social Media, Content Marketing, Reporting, and Integrated Online Marketing.
  • We have offices in New York, NY ~ San Francisco, CA ~ Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Need a full service agency who can fulfill a strategy? We are a full-service agency.
  • 15 Creatives on staff nationwide. Because the best talent with the most passion isn’t in one city, we are also cloud-based.
  • An award-winning web development team on call. Two dozen Inc. 500 companies depend on us daily.
  • National Advisory board – we like to call them the “Brain-Trust”. Best game-changers in the industry advise BBM.
  • 15 years in Digital Technologies, Marketing, Display Advertising, Search Marketing.
  • We practice what we preach, just ask!
  • Need a speaker? We are led by a nationally recognized Digital Strategist specializing in an Experience Optimization.
  • We are looking for a relationship not just clients. We will say “No” to new clients if its not a good fit.

Our Favorite Complaint!

 I speak to my BBM account executive more than I speak with my girlfriend! 


If you choose our Agency Services you will have a designated team of your own during the course of engagement. It is a comparable to a relationship. We embed with our clients.


[testimonial company=”Sports Association ~ Golf” author=”NDA Client ” image=”http://blueblazingmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/BBM-Clients-we-love.jpg”] Blue Blazing Media brought simplicity and credibility to our brand. When planning events that attract over 100K visitors to one location within two days it is easy to lose sight of goals during quick growth.

The strategy created by blue Blazing Media went perfectly and allowed us to focus on other elements of the event. In addition their Public Relations efforts gained us exposure quick. Their team was focused and flawless.


Elizabeth Hannan

 Elizabeth Hannan/ CSO

I’m Elizabeth Hannan. I’m a Digital Strategist and User Experience Design focused. At Blue Blazing Media we are focused on Social Business.  As one of the only of  Digital Search Agencies with a 360 Degree Customer-Centric Point of View we focus on Content Marketing and the best-practices of Integrated Marketing. We embed with our clients, develop content marketing strategies with a positive User Experience Design in mind.

Since 1997, I’ve been involved in Search Optimization. Since then,  I’ve spent many fearless hours working with over 500 Inc. 1000 and Inc 500 companies. Guiding them through the maze of online marketing and teaching them to embracing their community. In 2008 she launched her first blog JiveFromTheHive.com that was an outlet for integrated marketing best practices. Currently, she has counseled several worldwide women’s group including Savor The Success and 85 Broads Phoenix.

Recognized by Inc Magazine, CBS News and Business Journals as top digital strategist and entrepreneur under 35. She offers her real life passion for data, social media, content marketing and experience optimization through consultation at Blue Blazing Media.

After 15 years, in search optimization and everything online marketing Elizabeth invests in online communities she sees solid growth in the market for. She currently sits on the board of WhenToZen.com and others.  Living a healthy and balanced adventurous lifestyle online and off.


[box type=”shadow”] You Might Not Know:

Elizabeth is always athletic, a daily yogi and practices a mostly gluten-free and organic nutrition based lifestyle. Often trying to avoid processed and preservative rich foods. A healthy-minded foodie at heart she loves the art of “pairings”. She is also a connoisseur of fine Scotch. Macallan being her favorite.




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