Pricing and Billing Policy

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Pricing and Billing Policy

We bill in the following formats. Our pricing falls within industry standards and meet “best practice” requirements. As a company we aim to be as transparent as possible. Why deal with the run around when you can have it simplified up front? It is not a mystery. We are a business, we sell best practices and well researched products and services. We are relied on by national brands across several industries. We don’t participate in shady business as other online integrated marketing agencies do. Everything is upfront and well defined.

Don’t you wish all marketing agencies made it this simple??

1) Retainer-Based Pricing

Ongoing success depends on ongoing investment. For clients who desire a long-term brand partner, and/or have a multitude of consistent projects, retainer based pricing is an excellent investment.

A retainer agreement guarantees priority access to a specific Blue Blazing Media Marketing team, for a predetermined number of hours per month, regardless of the project need. Blue Blazing Media Marketing has minimum hourly commitments for its retainer agreements, making this an attractive pricing option for organizations of all sizes.

Please Read “Billing Nitty Gritty” below.


2) Packaged Based

Examiner Products are a terrific way to receive an aerial view of your brand, audit for elements that are costing you extra money and rope in the loose ends. If you so choose to retain Blue Blazing Media after purchasing an Examiner Product at that time a proposal for Project-Based or Retainer-Based will be created.

Popular Packages include some of our most purchased items. We just combined them to make it easier for you! One of our packages really gets a lot of love!

Intensive Search-To-Sales Lead Package is an awesome solution. It goes beyond basic any search engine marketing company can easily provide. Our software closes the gap between site traffic and solid contact data for a lead. Through filters prequalified leads and their contact data is emailed to your sales team as the site visitor is actually on your site in real-time. We deliver contact data from that company and the decision maker that would buy your product or service. You are already paying an Search Marketing expert wouldn’t it be nice to get that data delivered to your inbox daily?

Please Read “Billing Nitty Gritty” below


3) Project-Based Pricing

In a per project arrangement, Blue Blazing Media develops an estimate for each specific deliverable, based on your design brief or RFP.  This will reflect the anticipated hourly outlay of each member on the assigned team. If the scope of the project changes, the client is informed in advance of any additional fees or costs.

In project-based relationships, we maximize your budget with strategic, targeted project deliverables.

Research Projects help us to identity new and emerging markets as well as opportunities for new business. Wouldn’t it be great to pitch your great idea with data and research already completed?

Many of our clients hire us to identify online opportunities around their brand, [product or service. We conduct surveys of your clients and your industry to give you a data-based and real world view of how you impact your market. Launching a product, need to define a brand or product name? We can pull data and determine who would be infringing on your brand equity.

Please Read “Billing Nitty Gritty” below

4) Consultant Based

Our team of executives of all specialists in the popularly mentioned services on the Blue Blazing Media site. Many pull from over 15 years experience, are socially optimized and additionally versed in traditional marketing techniques. You are hiring your own Personal CMO, SVP of Marketing or Digital Strategist.

They embed with your business and base all decisions from factual data and popular sustainable successful trends.

Final goals are determined early on and the Call To Action report defines your next step. Consultant hours are charged hourly, on a monthly retainer or are project based.


At Blue Blazing Media, we’re proud of the work we’ve done. Integrity reflects in the quality of thinking, as well as attention to aesthetics, functionality, execution and forward thinking.


Billing Nitty Gritty:

Retainers are a minimum of four months and extend on from there on. You will be initially invoiced through email for your first and one half second month. 30 days cancellation notice is required in writing and notice should be emailed to your community account representative at Blue Blazing Media. All monthly billing is processed through our merchant account at Paypal. (You do not need a Paypal account to make a credit card payment as it is highly advised.) Monthly you will be billed on that same card for your retainer. Late fees will accrue on delinquent payments.

In addition, payments can be accepted through a Blue Blazing Media representative equipped with a mobile payment device.

(We do notaccept personal checks, bank wires or transfers without pre-approval from Blue Blazing Media management.)


Partner Solutions:

5) Small Business Solutions and Packages

If you are a small business or start-up and we are outside of your budget please review

They offer simple solutions to everyday start-up small business needs. Whether you are just getting started or just need a simple solution or online foundation to be built. These solutions are not offered with associated strategy plans. You are responsible for all associated strategy.



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