Lead Nurturing requires many touch points between you and your potential lead.
We implement common ways to support and facilitate the relationship during the transition for lead to customer.

In almost every larger scale sales cycle there is a relative amount of time between the point of initial BBM-request-a-quote-Button smallcontact and the initial purchase. This bracket of time is requires you keep in touch with your potential sale through touch points. It is a pivotal time period when you prove to the lead you are the top choice for your product or service. These contact or touch points can be implemented through a variety of mediums.



Examiner Products

Need an assessment of where you are at? Are all your efforts showing results? Sometime your need an outside in review to see results and deficits in the long-term strategy.

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Email Newsletters

Of all the data you collect on your users an email is the most powerful connection. Where else can you send an enticing piece of information about your product or service and it delivers directly to the user via laptop or mobile?


Mobile Application & Tablet Friendly Platforms

Every day 68% percent of the population uses their smart phone or tablet to view every sort of information. You can’t be found if you are not there.  [/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]

Content Creation

Content Creations needs a “Pulse” to attract optimal search results, links and gain credit in your industry. If your are not posting smart and often you are behind the curve already.


Site Conversion

You can drive all he traffic out there to your site. If it doesn’t convert to an action whats the point?



We offer personalized training, customized strategy documents as well as pre-written policies for social media and SEO. With slight adaptation you can personalized procedures in your organization.


E-Commerce and Affiliate Marketing

If you are running a business offline it might be time to generate revenue online by selling product. Monetizing online takes experience and knowledge to manage.


Public Relations

Maintain a fluid awareness campaign around your brand is a critical step in creating new leads. If no one knows hows awesome you are then you are missing half the exposure.


Digital Publishing

Be an expert in your industry and showcase others who are experts in their field. The world of publishing has opened up since the development of digital publishing. A wider field of talented individuals now have access to self-publishing! We aid in publishing and promotion of your work! Get noticed now for your talented work!


Social Media

Your customers are already on social sites. It is a great medium to maintain and answer requests instantly. You can also channel new information to your consumers. So many options to guiding a lead to a sale!


Compliance and Reputation Monitoring

We monitor your brand and email reports to you so you don’ have too. We gather and acknowledge all mentions, good, bad and ugly as they appear on the web and offer educated insights back to you. If it happens on the web we catch it!



Website Monthly Maintenance

Everyone who ever once started a website knows it is an ongoing labor of love. There is no end point. Always there is anew information, items to tweak, new competitive campaign and user experience facts to integrate into call to actions.