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Link what? What is my Reputation? We believe strongly in the share “Link- Love” philosophy and apparently Google does as well. If you want more valuable organic search traffic you need “Content with a Pulse” and a lot of “Link-Love“. Need a clear aerial view of your Search Engine Marketing, PPC, links and Social Media efforts? This package pulls all your data across several platforms that might not be at the surface. Our team of Search Optimization Analysts and our Digital Strategy Team audit, evaluate and explore possibilities for you.


Many of our clients start with our Search Marketing & Social Media Examiner Package as it represents an aerial view of your site traffic and links across several digital platforms. Curious about fine tuning your Search and Social Media Budget? We give you ideas to grow your business and decrease your spending accordingly especially when it comes to PPC budgets.

Do You Panda? Have you Met The Penguin?

Search Engine Organic Display Results have changed dramatically in the past 6 months with several search algorithm updates. If you are not developing your fresh and authentic content and sharing the link-love you might as well just being buying Ad space on Yahoo.


Shhhh! You probably don’t want to read this!

Our clients want the best of the best. Like every successful business there comes a time to reassess your budgetary spending for efficiency and corporate goal matching. This package gives you a non-partial report of your brand online and our Search and Social Media analysts will make suggestions how you can improve your current site traffic results back to your main site. Why lose traffic and links when you don’t have too?


A Starting Point

So you hired a social media firm to act on your behalf and build your social media community. They are building relationships and engaging on your social channels. Your Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click specialist sends you traffic reports. There is always a different customer-centric experience than projected.


You Receive:

  • We pull analytics from an customer-centric point of view of your web site and social media. Who’s getting there and where they are coming from. Our analysts review this data and offer online and Search Engine Optimization strategies that match your industry, product or service.
  • We research two of your top two competitors online.
  • A scheduled 30 minute phone call with one of our digital strategists to discuss next steps and answer all your questions. You will receive the recorded transcript of such phone conference.
  • Don’t you ever wonder what to do with all that data? We suggest actionable items for the next 6 months and a brief strategy to present to your team. Common industry concepts how to adapt your current web strategy to meet your goals and needs.

Next Steps:

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We’ve gotcha covered!


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